The Castles Cooper originally was called Wizards Earth. In 2012 we changed our name from Wizards Earth to The Castles Cooper to better reflect our product and designs. We still make magic wands but our emphasis is on tankards, bowls, and now this year games and game boards. 


      Every item we make was a special design by our customers to give them something unique. Rather than somthing like all of the rest of the tankards. We try very hard to make our products unique so you will have something like no other.


     There are many mugs made that look similar to ours but in reality there are worlds of differences. First off we cut our rings a bit thicker to make a more sturdy and durable products. We only use FDA certified coating and water-proof glues. We don't want to have product failures. Each item has a lifetime warranty against defects and design failures, and is made one by one by us. We do not have a multi-person workshop. That being said if there is a problem, it is our fault and we will fix the problem as quickly as possible. Each of our tankards are cut, sanded and finished by hand one at a time. 


     Many of our costumers wanted a design that would not hang on garb when they were at festivals. So we incorporated a 'Snag Proof' handle in 2013, and added a wide base; we call it our 'Spill Proof' base. For those of you shipmates it will give a bit more stability on those rough seas.


    We encourage our costumers to give us a challenge and allow us to design a special unit just for you!